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Holistic Healing Therapies

Welcome to a secret sanctuary, where we bring together nature and mind-body awareness, energy, healing, support and care. Providing you with complete privacy and exclusivity during your visit, arrive at your very own calming sanctuary, surrounded by the sound of bird song and with open countryside views.


Nestled in its own secret garden, our therapy and studio space stretches across a magical yurt and beautiful log cabin, all with a babbling brook trickling alongside. Whether you choose to attend alone or with friends, family or colleagues, and opt for just one or several therapies, the entire space is exclusively yours during your visit, along with dedicated attention from your healers, teachers and therapists. We're just 15 minutes off Junction 27 of the M6 and there is free and easy, off road parking.


Take a look at the treatment and therapy options available below...

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Reiki Healing - 1 hr

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, much of the time. However, sometimes, the body becomes overwhelmed. You may be aware of this or you may notice that you have become irritated or angry, prone to outbursts; suffer from headaches, stomach aches, muscle tension and pain; feel anxious, restless and depressed; or you have even started overeating, under-eating or using alcohol or drugs for relief. 

Our Reiki sessions take place in a beautiful, healing setting and can often be quite a profound experience. You will be comfortable, warm and at ease. After a warm welcome, make yourself comfortable, lying down (fully clothed) wrapped in blankets and surrounded by candle light and soothing music.


An energy flows through us all and is what causes us to be alive. Changes are what we can often all detect in ourselves or each other. If our energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. If it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. This is something most people can relate to and recognise, how our energy and physical body have a two way, if we have pain our energy is typically low. If we feel low, we are more likely to feel pain or get sick due to lowered immunity. 

Reiki can help to identify and release areas of blocked or low energy which may occur for a wide range of reasons.  You may feel moments of warmth, tingling, cool, or simply a sensation of deep relaxation. For some it can be more profound, seeing colours or sensing a wonderful glowing radiance around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results to the extent that many hospitals and hospices now recommend Reiki or even have an in-house Reiki practitioner. 

At HEAL Holistic we very much offer spiritual practices that are also evidenced based or have a scientific basis. Reiki is another example of this, a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can experience. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and creates a beneficial effect. It also works safely in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

£45 - contact us to enquire about availability or ask any questions.

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1-1 Sound Healing or Group Sound Bath - 1 hr

A tailored session to address your specific needs. Whilst laying comfortably, with cushions and blankets, sweet smells and candle light, sound is played around you using various therapeutic instruments which help clear physical and emotional blockages, aid rest and boost your overall sense of wellbeing. The experience is unique to the individual, some are aware of sensations where they hold injury or illness, some experience joy or tears as emotions are unblocked, others simply a deep sense of calm and relaxation. A special session which can be enjoyed on your own or as part of your own private group.

1-1 = £45

2-4 people = £30 per person 

5-8 people = £25 per person

Travel to you sound bath (within 20 miles) = Minimum 6 people (or charged for) 

For longer distances please contact to discuss

contact us to enquire about availability or ask any questions

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Breathwork & Mindfulness - 1 hr

Breathwork is a healing modality based on ancient practices and basic scientific principles; one of the latest to become increasingly popular in the West. During the session you will be guided through some simple controlled breath patterns which provide a catapult for physical and emotional healing and resilience. It works by oxygenating the body, increasing blood flow and switching off the conscious mind. Together we will move through a gentle warm up, followed by some stronger guided breathing exercises, finishing with some gentle breathing and a guided meditation. We'll close the session with a gentle awakening, a chat and a herbal tea.


The specific exercises and the sequence of the process has an almost 'jump start' effect on the body and mind, by resetting, helping to shift blocked energy and clearing the chatter of the mind, creating a mindful experiences and strengthening the mind muscles. Physically, it boosts the immune system, nervous system and even the metabolism. Regular breath work students (including me when I was one and still now through my own practice) report anxiety relief, mood enhancement, energy increase, brighter skin and hair, stronger immune, better quality of sleep and even natural weight loss. Breathwork is a holistic practice which helps us to reset the body and access parts of the body, mind, and intuition that need healing.

£45 - contact us to enquire about availability or ask any questions

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Holistic Healing Massage - 1.5 hrs

Nourishing your mind, body and soul, using organic oils, after a warm welcome and light refreshment, enjoy a combination of Massage and Reiki to leave you feeling relaxed and re-balanced, during this wonderful, transforming treatment, tailored to your needs. Drift away to a place of calm and ease, in the perfect, tranquil setting, a special space surrounded by nature. Enjoy a sumptuous 1.5 hour healing treatment, incorporating a full body massage which also incorporates Reiki healing. Reiki healing is widely respected for its beneficial effect on both emotional wellbeing and virtually every known illness. This beautiful combined therapy treats the body, emotions, mind and spirit, whilst promoting a sense of relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. 

£55 - contact us to enquire about availability or ask any questions

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Guided Mindfulness Meditation - 1 hr

Whether you're managing a busy home/work life, experiencing stress, anxiety, grief, or you simply want to feel more relaxed, centred and improve your sense of well-being, we understand how difficult it can be to find the time and space to just stop, and just 'be'. Our private Mindfulness Sessions take place in a beautiful, tranquil rural setting, surrounded by bird song and with open countryside views, allowing us to be close to nature and leave the stress and demands of daily life behind.  

Your session will be designed for your needs, but in brief, after a warm welcome and light refreshment, we will begin with a chat through your personal challenges, the ideas, myths, benefits and principles of mindfulness and meditation. The session will then take you through some exercises and techniques to help you find focus, clarity and an inner calm during busy or challenging times. It will also include a beautiful Yoga Nidra (*please note this is not a physical yoga but is a deep relaxation exercise which comes from the ancient practice) which will take you into a deep relaxation, allowing your body and mind to rest and re-balance. This session will help guide you on a more fulfilling and rewarding emotional and psychological path. 

£45 (can be booked on its own or as a block of 3 @15% discount) contact us to enquire about availability or ask any questions

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Private Tailored Yoga Class (1-4 people) - 1.5 hrs

Yoga means union of mind, body and soul, strengthening, relaxing and encouraging energy flow to promote health and well-being. Delivered by a fantastic qualified, experienced and spiritual yoga teacher, the class will combine a variety of yoga styles which are all designed to encourage a mind body connection and a deep sense of wellbeing. Each movement and posture, can be adapted for any level and ability. This lovely session takes place in our beautiful yurt, nestled in a private garden, with a natural brook running alongside and surrounded by the sounds of nature. It will also include some relaxation breathing techniques and a guided deep relaxation at the end of the session. 

£55 - contact us to book or ask a question

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Children's Yoga and Mindfulness

We also offer private children's yoga and mindfulness classes, from aged 6-16. Delivered by a specially trained, qualified and insured Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, and with with a BA (Hons) in Childhood and Youth studies, these session are fun, whilst also promoting healthy growth and cognitive development. Yoga and Mindfulness for children and young people is also proven to benefit behaviour and emotion regulation, whilst equipping young people with techniques and practices to support their mental and physical wellbeing right into adulthood. 

contact us to book or ask a question

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The H.E.A.L 4 Step Wellbeing Programme

The H.E.A.L 4 step holistic wellbeing therapy is a 1-1 tailored programme to help you explore and identify any unresolved hurt, unwanted cycles of behaviour or negative relationships, and to provide you with the tools to help you find inner peace and happiness, live your life fully and to be the best version of you. What we do is unique, it is not counselling, nor natural therapies, but rather a carefully blended programme of psychotherapy, psychology, and holistic healing approaches, which are tailored to your needs. This allows the programme to have the most impact and to be truly holistic.  Across 4 individual sessions we will address each aspect of your holistic wellbeing: 


HEALTH - This is the foundation of your wellbeing. Just like building a house or planting a tree, the ground must be healthy and able to support what is planted or built. Here we will consider any recurring physical issues from sleeplessness to known health conditions. We will explore if, even with a healthy diet, what you are eating is right for your composition and personality or if it is adversely affecting your health and emotions. combined with interactive exercises and guided meditations, we will provide you with the tools and insight to help you flourish. 


EMOTION - Session 2 will address your emotional wellbeing. Perhaps you find yourself in the same cycle with a particular person or people, or you have hurt, pain, frustration, or are unable to switch off the chatter of the mind experiencing feelings of sadness, depression or anxiety. Here we will explore these patterns, cycles and emotions, working to develop acceptance, wisdom, resilience and inner peace. 


ACTUALISING - Now you've addressed the foundations and have a better understanding of your emotions, it's time to ask, who are you? Where do you see yourself now, how does that differ to what you would like to see? Are you always striving for something or never seem happy whatever you do or have? Through a combination of techniques, we will explore these feelings and look at tools to help develop a positive mindset and renewed sense of happiness.


LOVE - Last but by no means least, and now that you have fertilised the soil, planted your tree and watered it regularly, it's time to bloom. In the final session we will build on the previous 3 and prepare you for an improved relationship with yourself and others, so you can go on to live your best life, filled with love!


The 4 step programme has been built on over 16 years of research, study and professional practice. The programme uses a combination of psychotherapy and holistic health and wellbeing tools to explore the 4 pillars to a healthier, happier you. It's an intensive programme which includes various interactive exercises, discussions, healing, guided meditations and reflections. You will also be required to do some practice and light tasks in between sessions.


This H.E.A.L 4 step programme takes place with an insured and qualified holistic wellbeing therapist and the Founder and Head of Wellbeing Nicki . The 1st and 4th sessions are 1.5 hours, the other 2 are an hour each. (This may go over slightly.) Typically the sessions are ran once per week for 4 weeks. You will also be given tasks to complete during the time in between sessions. In the current climate, we are successfully delivering this programme via zoom. If you don't have Zoom it is an online software, like Skype or others, which is free to download and use. We can provide guidance on how you do that if you need it. 


1-1 wellbeing therapy is charged at £45 per hour however we offer the complete 4 session tailored programme for just £160. (We are unable to deliver just one single aspect of this programme as it is tailored to be a journey of self discovery and healing, with one step following the other.)


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