Take a Breath...

HEAL Holistic was born out of a passion for and dedication to, a healthy, happy lifestyle. We understand that life can be busy, challenging and consuming and that it’s easy to find yourself feeling as though you’re constantly managing demands, expectations and pressures. Perhaps that you’ve even lost sight of who you are, or maybe you feel a long way off from how you want to live your life.


My name is Nicki and I founded HEAL Holistic following my passion for and dedication to, holistic wellbeing, and to living a more mindful life. It wasn’t always this way, once a busy ‘high flying’ corporate, but with no real sense of satisfaction or happiness, and feeling constantly tired, stressed and generally unwell...a series of life events caused me to reassess and make major changes.


With an academic background in social psychology and psychotherapy along with a total of 15 years of study and research into wellbeing, including the different cultural approaches to wellness and studying and practicing reiki, mindfulness, yoga and plant based nutrition, I and our little team of holistic healers, teachers and therapists, would like to share our knowledge, gifts, experience and research with you. We hope to inspire and support you with finding balance in your daily life. By taking a breath, making space for healing and welcoming a more mindful way of living, we can help you find a greater sense of inner calm and the space to be the best and happiest version of you.


At HEAL Holistic, the word HEAL represents HEALTH, EMOTION, ACTUALISING and LOVE, each we recognise as making up an essential aspect of your health and happiness. Each is incorporated into everything we do. Each retreat and therapy. Whether you’re already on your happiness and wellness journey or you’re looking for inspiration, motivation or support, we run beautiful holistic wellbeing private and group retreats, with like minded people and amazing healers and therapists. We also provide 1-1 therapies in the perfect tranquil setting; as well as offering wellbeing advice and lifestyle tips, to support you on your own personal health and happiness journey. We are qualified and insured to practice and hold an enhanced DBS. 


If the time is right for you, I’m sure we will meet and I look forward to doing so.


Warmest wishes for a healthy happy you,


Nicki x

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