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What you need to know

Ahead of your attendance: We kindly ask you not to enter any earlier as we will be preparing for your arrival and may be doing anything from setting up to meditating. Please don't eat or drink anything other than water for an hour or so before the session. 


You may want to bring:


- Your yoga mat. It's nice to have your own mat but if you don't have one don't worry, we have some spares.


- Some fluffy socks to keep your feet nice and warm.


- A favourite blanket and cushion or pillow for getting cosy. Again we have lots of spares, all freshly hot washed.


- An eye pillow if you have one. 


- A water bottle or similar is essential, so it can be sealed in between drinking. You need to take on extra water when participating in sessions such as this, as you will naturally shift toxins and so need to help that process.


- Any of your personal items that you wish or need, such as medication etc. 


- Ideally wear layers so you can add and remove as you wish but please try to avoid bringing large bags, and coats etc .You can always leave some things in the car if travelling by car, and nip out if you need them. Ideally you should arrive with a water bottle, yoga mat and blanket/cushion in hand and little else, other than what you could put in a small bag or your pockets, if wearing a hoody or similar. 


-  There will be some lovely home and lifestyle items for sale, as well as gifts, which you may wish to purchase. All of the products are sustainable, organic and natural where appropriate and use no plastics. We support small ethical suppliers and donate some of the proceeds to charity too. (We can take both cash and card payment for any shop items on the day).

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