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Holistic Therapy/Session Medical Disclaimer

Thanks for submitting!

I, the participant, (“the attendee”), understand and acknowledge that the discussions, consultations, session(s), teaching(s), videos(s):

  1. are not intended to replace any relationship I have with my medical doctor and/or primary health care provider(s);

  2. are not intended to constitute medical advice or any substitution for medical care;

  3. are not intended to be relied on for prescriptions, recommendations, diagnosis or treatment in relation to any health problem or disease;


I understand that if I am taking any medications or have any medical conditions such as, but not being limited to: schizophrenia, bi-polar, epilepsy, heart conditions, or pregnancy, that I must advise the Therapist/Teacher/s. I also understand that even though I have been accepted as a participant, I am responsible for any consequence resulting from any and all session(s).


I certify that I have consulted a health professional regarding any condition physical, mental or emotional that could interfere with my judgment, or affect my health in any way during or after any and all session(s). I understand and acknowledge that I am responsible for consulting my health care provider or doctor in case I have or suspect to be suffering from a health problem, or to gain advice if I am unsure about my participation.


I understand the guidance or testimonials presented before or during the session do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding my experience during or after the session.  I understand that holistic therapies are part of a growth experience designed to enhance the quality of life and is not a substitute for psychotherapy. I understand that theraphy/session can include strong emotional and physical responses. I understand that I may find theraphy/session physically, emotionally, and/or mentally stressful. 


HEAL Holistic make no warranty, guarantee, or prediction that I will experience any particular state of awareness or consciousness during or after any and all session(s), nor does it make any representation that I will experience any particular outcome on an issue. In the instance of a group processes I may voluntarily reveal personal information, in doing so I understand that and hereby waive my rights of privacy and confidentiality.

I understand and acknowledge that by participating in any and all session(s), I do it at my own risk. It is with this understanding that I voluntarily sign this waiver. Since any and all session(s) is experiential and the extent of any and all session(s) risks and benefits are not fully known, I agree to assume and accept full complete responsibility for any known and unknown risks associated with my participation in any and all session(s), including any physical injury, psychological or emotional effects, death, loss, or property damage.

I agree to not record by audio, video, photographic or any other means, any portion of any and all session(s).

In consideration of this activity, I hereby waive and release HEAL Holistic for any and all claims, costs, liability and expenses for any injury, loss or damage, whether known, anticipated or unanticipated, arising from my participation.

I acknowledge that I have thoroughly read this Waiver and Release of Liability and understand it. 

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