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H.E.A.L retreats are beautiful experiences that have often been described as transformational. Ideal for beginners as well as those further along their wellbeing journey, the emphasis here is not about how much yoga or meditation you have practiced before, or how flexible you are, but about connecting the mind and body, using the breath as a tool, going within to find that sense of inner calm and peace, learning how to manage the chatter of the mind, and boosting your wellbeing and sense of joy. y

Carefully designed drawing on several healing modalities, H.E.A.L represents - Health, Emotion, Actualising (or Abudance, and we show the two are interlinked) and Love. We provide a warm, welcoming and non judgmental space and operate from stunning venues which promote wellness. Our delicious, nutritious meals are carefully planned to be tasty and inspiring whilst complimenting the healing process. All of our teachers and therapists are compassionate, fully qualified and highly experienced spiritual healers and teachers, who will work with and support you throughout.

Our retreats are designed and delivered with love and care, to support you with your emotional and physical wellbeing, helping to leave you feeling more relaxed and refreshed, and with more clarity and focus.  Because of their exceptional standard and value, our retreats fill quickly once released. Contact us to be notified ahead of general release or take a look at our current and future retreats. It could end up being a life changing experience for you... 


Picture a space where you are surrounded by open countryside and nature, yet warm, safe and comfortable; where bird song and the steady trickle of the nearby brook can be heard in the background; where you are completely undisturbed, focusing on only you and your wellbeing, and all within your own, exclusive healing space. Our healing therapies are truly special and provide you with the opportunity to switch off from the outside world. To perfect time and space to heal and restore.

Whether you would like a one off single or combination of therapies to re-charge your battery, or you would like to embark on a healing process with more regular sessions, or embark on a more intensive tailored programme, we provide the perfect, tranquil environment and draw on a range of wellness and healing modalities. 

Our programmes, retreats and therapies are the creation of Nicki, a qualified Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner; Social Scientist (Psychology and Sociology); Teacher; Reiki Practitioner; Children & Young People's Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher; also trained in Psychotherapy and Anger Management. Take a look at some of the therapies we offer or contact us to book or for a confidential chat with Nicki.

We also provide exclusive 1-1 residential healing retreats (up to 4 in the same party is possible). The space and therapists are exclusively yours. Beautiful, unique and often transformational, take a look at more details here.



It's simple, we start from a place of being passionate about and committed to, living fully and freely...free from stress & anxiety, ill health, unhappiness and the worries that sometimes stop us living in the moment.


We recognise that each person is an individual and at a different stage in their own life journey and self development, so whether you have a growing interest in all things holistic, are already practicing mindful based living, or are going through some challenges and are searching for the path to a healthier, happier or more fulfilled you, feel free to drop us a note. We are happy to offer you any support we can or answer any wellbeing questions you have. You can also keep in touch with us by subscribing to our latest updates via email and by connecting on Instagram or Facebook. We share wellbeing articles, recipes, tips, the latest on healing and news on wellbeing events. 

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